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General Discussion
  Torrey Hawks - Bob Kuczewski commits voter fraud in HGAA
  Call For Criminal Investigation Of BP Oil Spill
  Writing to the USHPA Board
  Davis Straub's Cesspool Politics
  HGAA - Call for Founding Members
  Sylmar Spring Air Festival Announcement
  XC desert flight
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  Second Sunday at Torrey - July 11th, 2010
  Torrey Hawks Second Sunday Fly-In: May 9th, 2010
  Soaring Council Meeting Dates
  OSCAR Whaaaack's
  More Than A Repack - Betty Pfeiffer Parachute Clinic
  No more training at Torrey
  Remembering Haim Amir
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  Second Sunday at Torrey - August 8th, 2010
  Welcome to the new Torrey Hawks Forum
  Bob Kuczewski - commits VOTER FRAUD in HGAA election
  BIG BLUE SKY, DVD Exchange
  Seeking Support for the Torrey Hawks
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  Monsanto’s Monopoly: Food and Depopulation
  Addressing Straub's Continued Abusive Unprofessionalism
  Psychoanalyzing Davis Straub
  Oz Report/Davis Straub's Dirty Journalism
  We're Not In Kansas Anymore
  Oz Report Libel
  Topic Name Changed by Moderator
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Just in case you run into any crazy sounding posts on this forum, the following will explain why:

Scott C. Wise

Please excuse the wild rantings of Scott C. Wise. He abused his powers with the HGAA(Hang Gliding Association of America), and was immediately and democratically voted out of office by a majority vote of the founders of the HGAA(Hang Gliding Association of America). Scott C. Wise has also been kicked out of the Southern New York Hang Gliding club website, the Rochester Area Flyers website and the website.
Quite the track record of working well with people, dont ya think?
He now spends his days fabricating wild stories and smearing some of the best volunteers in the sport of hang gliding, who voted him out of office, as a form of childish revenge.

Bob Kuczewski

Was also voted out of the HGAA(Hang Gliding Association of America). He commited blatant voter fraud by asking the administrator to take peoples election voting points and transfer them to Scott. C. Wise. They now have a new home together where they can complain about their situation to each other on another forum, and write fictional revisionist stories about the horrible people at the HGAA who wronged them (SARCASM)
Bob has been banned by the 2 largest online hang gliding communities in the world and continues to fabricate stories and smear the volunteers who voted him out of office instead of spending that energy on promoting the sport he claims to love.

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